Friday, April 11, 2008

Meet Chiste

We did it. We’ve talked about getting a puppy when we move to a house. Most houses here have dogs, as they are the common alarm system. Since our friend’s dog had puppies, we took one of them home (Thursday, March 27) . He is adorable- all white except for some black spots on his face. Jeremiah took to him immediately (he tried to eat him). The puppy is adjusting, but doesn’t like to be outside alone since he’s used to having other puppies around (he’ll be an outdoor dog). Chai isn’t too sure what to think; she’s a bit scared of him right now, but is much more open to him than she was to Mishu when he first arrived (probably because he’s a young puppy instead of another cat). We thought about naming the puppy Rascals, but wanted a Spanish names. So we named him Chiste (“Cheestay; it sounds close to Cheesesteak”) which means joke, or funny.

Update: Chai still is a bit scared of him, but stands her ground. Chiste is adjusting well and enjoys playing outside with his toys.

Jeremiah and Chiste

Notice how you don't hear traffic, but can actually hear birds and people across the street talking?!


Joanna said...

Chiste's so cute! And so good with Jeremiah! Hooray for puppies :)

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

He's so cute! What adorable markings! How has puppyhood been going? Are you potty-training, or is the puppy already trained? I loved seeing him lick Jeremiah. :-) How old is he? (Chiste, that is, not Jeremiah!)

Jes said...

What a cute dog! I'm glad he's good with the baby!

Hambone said...

um, most adorable thing ever!