Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random things for today

Ok, so here are some random things in nice, bullet format:
  • I've been working today on uploading pictures to snapfish. I realized that we have no prints since Jeremiah was a few weeks old! Hmmm... time to update the baby book. And wow do we have a lot of pictures to sort through!
  • Apparently Jeremiah wanted me to exercise today. He pulled out my fitmama prenatal workout DVD case, opened it, took out the case, popped open the CD drive and was trying to figure out how to put the DVD inside when I interrupted him. And we don't even watch that many movies!
  • Rainy day= craziness. Boy gets hyper; dog gets hyper; and vice versa. We've been letting the dog inside when we're home. He didn't want to go out at all because of the rain. They both had to spend some time in time-out.
  • I just realized that I haven't updated my menu in a long, long time! Don't worry, we have eaten since New Years! I'll try to update it for next week, because I'm sure you're all wanting to know what we're eating. ;)
  • We just paid off Daniel's grad school loan! Yay! We have some money left in our savings account. When that runs out, it's time to go back to the States (we have a little set aside for moving back to the States and don't want to touch that until then). Someday it will be nice to be able to save instead of drain savings, and we'll have to take that into account as we decide how much longer to stay here (I think we'll probably be here at least another 2 years). But, with no life insurance and no savings building, we can't be here much longer than that without making some changes. But I'm not worried, it's in God's hands. If we can't start building up savings in a few years, we'll probably take that as a sign that it's time to go back "home". We do have a little bit put away for way in the future in mutual funds, but it's not worth much right now, especially with how the stock market is currently; so we're not touching that until we're old. :)

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