Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spirit Week

This past week at JCS was spirit week. Each day the students dressed up based on a certain theme (sports, career day, twin day, whacky day, and JCS colors). Daniel had to be creative while still looking "professional" or at least being able to look professional in 1 minute. For sports day he wore a white sox shirt, and had a dress shirt to put on if he needed. For career day he dressed as a "secret service" agent with a dress coat, blues brothers tie, sunglasses, and ear-piece. Twin day he dressed normally, and for "whacky" day he wore dress clothes in a "whacky" manner. Friday they closed the office for field day.

Jeremiah and I visited Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. I enjoyed seeing the kids running around having fun. Thursday afternoon the preschoolers wanted to play with Jeremiah. He enjoyed it, but was eventually overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, Daniel forgot the camera all but one day, so I only have one picture of him:

Daniel wearing his pink-striped short-sleeved collared shirt along with a green-plaid-ish, long-sleeved shirt.

1st graders doing their cheer

Jeremiah with the big 3 yr. olds (after a little too much attention)

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