Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poor Chai... Posted by Picasa

Chai's first bath Posted by Picasa

Poor Chai

Today was a tough day on Chai- but she handled it like a champ. First, we clipped her nails. Last time, she freaked out. So this time, we let her eat tuna while we did it. It worked a lot better. Then, I decided to give Chai her first bath. She does a good job of keeping herself clean, but it's so dusty that she often still smells like dust and makes us sneeze. She didn't like the bath very much, and tried to get away multiple times. But she never bit or scratched me, which was pretty amazing! She never even meowed, and now she's clean and smells nice. But I wonder- who got more wet- Chai, or me? You decide.

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The Peterson's Visit

Last Wed. (Feb. 22), Daniel's parents came to visit. They came in on an evening flight on Wed. morning, and Daniel went to pick them up from the airport. On Thursday, they walked to our school and got to experience a day at JCS. They met our students, had a Dominican lunch, and watched some of our classes. It was so fun to have them there seeing what we do! That night we ate dinner on our patio (pasta with okra and mango, and grilled veggies). On Friday we took the day off and went to the Bamboo Hole (a waterfall). We had a wonderful time there and relaxed, got some sun, and played in the water (a little). That night we took them to a Pico Pollo stand (little fried chicken- Dominican fast food). The next day we headed off for the beach. We stayed at a beautiful all inclusive resort, jogged on the beach; went snorkling, wind surfing, sea kayaking; and basically enjoyed ourselves and being with them. We even got to watch the closing ceremonies for the Olympics! All-in-all, we had a great time with them and are so glad they were able to come. It was hard to say good-bye on Monday. :(
Daniel already posted some pics from the trip (see below) and I'll add some more. :)

Mom P with Chai Posted by Picasa

D & T's feet at the beach :) Posted by Picasa

Sunrise at Playa Dorada (the beach). Posted by Picasa

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