Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Our house- or a zoo?

Yes, our house is turning into a zoo. We saw Miguelito (the bat) for the first time today. But after the war of the wasps (which has proven successful) we had the war of the bird and the war of the mice (in which we are still engaged). The war of the bird occurred when a bird flew into our house and was too frightened to escape. Because we have very high, vaulted, ceiling the bird thought that safety was up and would not leave. Eventually, by usage of a broom (not to hurt the bird but make it fly instead of stay up in our ceiling) and turning on and off the lights, the bird eventually flew outside. As for the war of the mice, we discovered that the place in which we thought Miguelito lived was actually frequented by mice. After cleaning out piles of mouse droppings and cleaning out the pantry, we began our siege. Unfortunately, we could not buy mousetraps and had to buy the sticky traps instead. Daniel was the one who sacrificed by "spanking" the mice to give them a quick, painless demise. Unfortunately, if we let them live they would continue to climb all over our stove, counters, pantry, clean dishes, and even soap (weird mice). We've gotten rid of two so far.

Onto other news... we're both so excited about being able to post this blog. We've been moved into our apartment for a little over a week now, and are still waiting on getting our telephone connection (things take a while here). So we are using a friend's dial-up. Last week we received our stove, bed, and got our electricity hooked up. So, we're almost all set. Today we even received the last of our boxes! Last week was teacher training and getting ready for school. We spent the weekend cleaning, painting cinder blocks and wood for shelves, screening our windows (from the outside- which required Daniel to walk on a narrow ledge around the outside of our house), and shopping for items for our house.

Today was the "big day." Our students arrived this morning, eager to meet their teachers (or so we like to think). Today was a half-day and we spent much of the day explaining procedures, etc. I have 10 students in my 4th grade class. Daniel has 5 in his 6th grade class, 4 in 7th grade, and 10 in 8th grade. He's been temporarily promoted to teach music and art for 6-8 grade as well (the art/music teacher is filling in for 1st grade until we get a 1st grade teacher). Please pray that this will work out soon (we may have a possibility). Anyone want to move to the D.R.? Daniel and I are both excited for the rest of the year.

As far as other matters go, electricity hasn't been too bad. It's still off often (it's off right now, actually), but what's been worse is the water. It's off most of the day. It's usually on in the morning or evening, sometimes even both! But sometimes "on" means a trickle and would be worthless to do much with besides wash a few dishes (and even that takes a while). But, we're adjusting to it. Right now we're hoping to find some sort of transportation (maybe mountain bikes?) We'll see how it goes.

Well, that's all for now. We'll post pictures once we get our own Internet connection. :) God bless you all, and thank you for your prayers!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Today we began our teacher's orientation at Jarabacoa Christian School. We found our classrooms, curriculums (curriculi?, curricula?, curriculu?, does anybody care?), and began hanging posters, planning lessons, and all the other fun stuff like finding out the textbooks aren't arriving until the day school starts ;). As of yet, our apartment is still without power, a bed, a stove, and, therefore, us. We are temporarily staying at some other staff's house. But, thankfully, the wasps are gone after the unsuccessful battle of the kerosene and the victorious battle of the Raid. The bat, however, is not gone, but we think we will keep him as a pet... the last people who lived there named him Miguelito. All we have to do is keep him from leaving us "gifts" in our pantry. If you couldn't guess by now, we're laughing a lot as we write this because it sounds so obsurd, but is completely true (including Miguelito, who we haven't actually seen yet, but have heard).
We're getting by pretty well on our limited Spanish and have been able to buy groceries, housewares, wood for shelves (which proved the most interesting, trying communicate how we wanted it cut), and kerosene lamps (which Teresa is very excited about), and other random necessites like Raid (which also seems to need parentheses). Ok, that's enough before this just gets rediculous. Love, luck, and lollipops.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We're Here!!!

After a long 24+ hours of traveling (plane to Miami, sleep at Miami airport, take plane to Santo Domingo, take taxi to bus station, wait at bus station for two hours, take bus to Jarabacoa), we finally made it! We're staying at the Chase's house for a few days (a couple that work at jcs and have lived here many years). We visited the place we will be living (we still need a bed and to set up some stuff). I am very excited about it! It is an upper apartment/house and we have a cute balcony and the flat roof of the house next door (we can even put a grill up there!). It is much bigger than I expected with a large kitchen/living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. It's right next door to a woman who works at jcs that I met last time I was here; we'll be able to talk back and forth from our balconies if we want. It's also close to the good places in town (a gas station where we buy our water, my favorite place to eat, a banana stand, and within 20 minutes walking of the school). So, for now we're taking it easy and I'll be showing Daniel around town at some point today. Thanks for your prayers for safe travelling; we got here without a problem and didn't lose any luggage (although we haven't gone through our bags to make sure it's all there, but I have never had a problem before). God bless!

Niagra Falls Video 2

I just fixed my portfolio so the correct purple button shows (it was hidden from guests). If you followed the link and it did not take you to my portfolio, click on the preview button to log on as a guest. Then you can click on the tab at the top left that says "courses." Then, click on Senior Portfolio 2005 and put my name in the search box (use Gerig). Then you can click on the purple button that says, "Hobbies and Interests." Sorry it's so confusing!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blog updates

I've just added many pictures to my blog, as well as a blog describing my trip to New York. Please take time to scroll down through the pictures to read it. I had to write it twice because it deleted my first one. Thank you. :)

Niagara Falls Video

For a short 10 sec clip of us on the Maid of the Mist, go here and click on the left on the purple button that says "Hobbies and Interests." Yes, I am misuing my Taylor profile. It takes a minute to load.

American Falls on the left, the main falls straight ahead Posted by Picasa

On the Maid of the Mist Posted by Picasa

In the Niagara Falls Posted by Picasa

Yay! They're married! Posted by Picasa

My completed family...until we start having little ones... Posted by Picasa

The wedding party, ushers included Posted by Picasa

Awwww... Posted by Picasa

Me and my hubby Posted by Picasa

The bridesmaids Posted by Picasa

The ushers practicing for their very important duty.  Posted by Picasa

Wedding and More...

Congratulations Brent and Sara on a beautiful wedding! They both looked wonderful. We left for New York on the Wednesday before the wedding. The next few days consisted (for me, Teresa) of dress fittings, last minute dinner countings for the reception, etc… But I also had fun being girly with Sara's Mary Kay party and professional pedicures and manicures. Daniel was an usher and spent time doing things with the guys (arcade games, laser tag, go-carts, Frisbee, etc.). Poor boys. They worked so hard. ;)

The wedding itself was beautiful. It was fun to see the wedding from a different point of view (from being a bridesmaid). I had a good view of my brother the whole time. He looked so mature and in-love! :) Daniel had a view from the back through the door. (There weren't enough chairs… he said he had a good view, though). The reception was also a lot of fun. Pictures will be posted on the Gerig's website.

On Sunday Daniel and I took the opportunity to have a date night. We ate at Chili's and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in IMAX. I don't remember much of the old one, but I've heard that this one was closer to the original book (which I haven't read). It was weird, but I expected as much and I really liked it. Afterward, I had such a craving for chocolate. However, since I shouldn't have chocolate due to my heartburn, I settled for white chocolate.

On Monday we (Daniel and I, my parents, Sara's parents, and both my sets of grandparents) went to Niagara Falls. I've been there before, but I never did any of the extra "tours." This time, we went on the Maid of the Mist. It was a boat that took us as close into the falls as was safe. It was awesome and incredible to see the power of nature and think about the even greater power of the One who created it. We took some pictures and a short video clip that I will try to attach.

 On Tuesday we drove to my Great Uncle's bed and breakfast, called Tudor Hall. My parents and grandparents (Gerigs) were also there. It is located on one of the Finger Lakes. It was beautiful and we spent two days boating (canoe, paddle boat, and a row boat with an outboard motor), swimming, and swinging from a rope swing. It was a great time of relaxing after the crazy, but fun, days of wedding/preparations.

Thus ends our trip to New York. We came back on Thursday and spent the next few days packing and being with family. We leave tomorrow! More on that later…