Friday, July 21, 2006

A busy weekend

Last weekend we kept ourselves busy. :) Saturday morning I made Pastalon (one of my favorite Dominican dishes- similar to Lasagna, but with sweet platanos instead of noodles and no tomatoes). For lunch Devon, Daniel, the pastalon, and I went to an international picnic (through our church). We enjoyed very good food and met a few people. We also had fun tossing around a frisbee. In the afternoon Daniel and I did some window washing; later we picked up Devon and headed to Poor Boys for some gyros (yummy). We took dinner to Jon Lin's house (another high school friend) and there hung out with Ross, Phil, and Angie (Phil's wife). Later we went to Devon's to swim and play cards. It was so good to see high school friends and awesome to think that we can still hang out with them. It's a blessing to know that those friendships have lasted throughout the years.
On Sunday we went to church, cleaned more windows, and then hung out with the Peterson's to celebrate Daniel's dad's birthday, which included watching Pirates of the Caribbean and going out to dinner. I must admit, I was disappointed with the second pirates movie. I felt like that were trying to do too much- too many hidden subplots, too many bringing back of random old characters, and too many antagonists. Yes, the special effects were cool, and the acting was good, but it takes more than that to make a decent movie. It made me dislike almost all of the characters and the ending seemed "forced" (why did everyone suddenly get emotional about finding Jack? However, I still think there's hope though, depending on how the next movie goes- it could easily redeem it. My favorite aspect of the movie, was the part with Will and his dad, which tied into the last movie nicely and actually had character development. Well, there you have it. That's my very un-professional opinion. :) Tell me what you guys think. You do not have to be blogger users to comment. Thanks!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Daniel! (Isn't he a hottie?) Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

We're back!

Here is the email we sent out. If you're not on our email list and want to be, please let us know!

Dear Friends and Family,

Our previous year in the Dominican Republic filled us with an abundance of joys, excitement, and trials. From gorgeous waterfalls, to the 2-week span without running water, it was certainly quite different from the Midwest. We returned to Wheaton on June 17 and are staying with the Gerigs (Teresa’s parents). We have both been blessed with jobs this summer. Teresa is a permanent substitute at Krejci Academy (the special needs school where her mom works), and Daniel is doing temp office work and writing sales training guides for the company where his dad works. We spent our first two weekends celebrating friends’ weddings. We are glad now to have more time with our families for a few weeks before ending our summer break with two more weddings.

We will be returning to the Dominican Republic for another year or more in August. Thankfully our jobs both end with a couple of weeks left for packing and preparing. Teresa will continue to teach 4th grade, and Daniel will be teaching 6-10th grade science and 9-10th grade Bible. We are looking forward to returning to our apartment, our cat, and our students. We leave August 10th and start school August 22.

We will be sending out a newsletter shortly, so please reply with your address if you’d like to receive the letter. As always, you can see more details, posts, and pictures on our blog at . Feel free to write us back (pretty please?)!

God bless you all!

Daniel & Teresa Peterson

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weddings and More

Well, we've passed the first two weekends back in the States by going to weddings. One was two Taylor friends’ wedding (Liz and Nathan Brooks), and one was two Notre Dame friends’ (Daniel's best man-Paul and Elizabeth) wedding. We had a great time at both and enjoyed seeing friends. On our way to the first one, and back, we stayed with Brent and Sara in their new house in Upland. They are renting a house on a farm that has kittens and an adorable dog. The day after the wedding- Sunday, after church, we went canoeing. It was a lot of fun. J It was so good to be with our brother and sister-in-law! Last week was another busy week of work, Spanish class, being with people, etc. After the wedding this past weekend we drove home late Saturday night, and spent Sunday with my family- as we have not spent time with my dad since the first day we got back two weeks ago (he’s been away on two business trips). For the Fourth of July we are spending the morning with my parents and the evening with Daniel’s parents.

Another note- if anyone is interested in buying a mini-van (1998 Ford Windstar), please let us know. :)