Monday, July 03, 2006

We're back!

Here is the email we sent out. If you're not on our email list and want to be, please let us know!

Dear Friends and Family,

Our previous year in the Dominican Republic filled us with an abundance of joys, excitement, and trials. From gorgeous waterfalls, to the 2-week span without running water, it was certainly quite different from the Midwest. We returned to Wheaton on June 17 and are staying with the Gerigs (Teresa’s parents). We have both been blessed with jobs this summer. Teresa is a permanent substitute at Krejci Academy (the special needs school where her mom works), and Daniel is doing temp office work and writing sales training guides for the company where his dad works. We spent our first two weekends celebrating friends’ weddings. We are glad now to have more time with our families for a few weeks before ending our summer break with two more weddings.

We will be returning to the Dominican Republic for another year or more in August. Thankfully our jobs both end with a couple of weeks left for packing and preparing. Teresa will continue to teach 4th grade, and Daniel will be teaching 6-10th grade science and 9-10th grade Bible. We are looking forward to returning to our apartment, our cat, and our students. We leave August 10th and start school August 22.

We will be sending out a newsletter shortly, so please reply with your address if you’d like to receive the letter. As always, you can see more details, posts, and pictures on our blog at . Feel free to write us back (pretty please?)!

God bless you all!

Daniel & Teresa Peterson

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