Monday, June 19, 2006

Long Time, No Post

Sorry about the absence of postage. ;) The end of school was quite crazy and occupied much of our time and energy. Let's see how should I summarize it? Here are the highlights:

-Crazy suicidal ants that keep climbing in our teapot that we only put water in to boil- we have to rinse it out each morning.
-2 weeks with no water. Not very fun.
-Making Dominican chicken, taught by a junior high student. Couldn't buy a live chicken, but it had the neck, legs, and skin still on it.
-We bought a ceiling fan. Yay!
-Teresa discovered the multi picture feature on the camera and took over 200 pictures of the cat.
-Last real week of school.
-4th Grade field trip horseback riding and swimming.

-Finals, lots of grading, lots of work.
-Last day of school: the firetruck comes and hoses us down after a soccer game of junior high students vs. teachers.
--Hiking Magote in record time (for us)!
-One last beach trip to Sosua.
-Daniel fluke sickness - Teresa wonderful, loving, caring wife - Daniel better
-Packing and getting ready to leave.
-Bus to Santo Domingo, taxi to Boca Chica, go to Carribean beach for day and stay overnight.
-Leave the next day (Saturday )for Chicago. Horrible layover in Fort Lauderdale; never fly into it if you have to do customs. Arrive at night.
-Spend Father's day with both sets of parents and Teresa's grandparents.
-Start work Monday.
-And here we are. :)
-Mass email to be arriving soon, pictures to be posted soon.