Sunday, April 29, 2007

Belly Update

I finally look pregnant!
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ode to Princess Bride

Princess Bride is a movie that I will most likely never tire of. It has everything- fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, true love, miracles... :)
Not only that, but it's funny and clean.
It's especially fun to watch with people who have never seen it before. Last night Cassie, Revani, and I watched it while Daniel worked on grad school (and finished for the semester!). Poor Revani put up with Cassie and I quoting much of the movie and me adding comments (I'm a social movie watcher). It's a movie I grew up on and one that withstands the test of time (for most people I know, at least).

Made from Scratch

So I've been re-reading the Little House on the Praire books. One thing I admire about that era is how much settlers made on their own. They made their own homes and clothes, often hunted for their own food, picked fruits, grew vegetables, and stored up for the winter. I love the idea of making things from scratch, and enjoy doing it when we have an opportunity.
Last week Daniel finished making shelves for our house. I like how they turned out- they're rustic looking.
Today I made bagels from scratch. The 3 different types included: oat and poppyseed; red pepper, minced onions, seasoned salt, and sesame; and sundried tomato and basil (from home-made sundried tomatoes and the basil we are growing).
Part of me wishes I lived in that era, though it was filled with hard work and different types of challenges than we face today. I hope that some day I am able do to more from scratch- have a garden, sew more, etc. But for now, potted plants, and cooking will have to do.
Our strawberry plant

Friday, April 13, 2007

Baby Update

We went to the doctor on Wednesday and were assured that everything is going very well. I've been exercising (moderately) this week- and even jogged some today- and have had energy! The baby's been moving lately- especially when I was lying on the beach. The night before Daniel's fam. left we could even see the baby moving! I actually have a belly now and it's fun to look pregnant, instead of just feeling pregnant! :)

Semana Santa

We had a great visit with Daniel's family. We stayed at a condo right on the beach surrouded with trees and beautiful flowers. Not only did we take time to relax on the beach and swim, but on our way out we visited the teleferica (sp?)- a cable car that took us up a steep mountain. On top of the mountain lay a garden and scientific reserve. There were many pretty pathways through the areas. I enjoyed bird watching even though I didn't see a lot of birds (though I heard many).
The day after Daniel's family left, we spent some time with a teacher from last year who was visiting for the week. The next day Daniel ran in the Jarabacoa marathon. I did not, but was able to take pictures of him (from a motorbike).
Easter morning we have a breakfast of hot cross buns (I had made them the night before). At church, we sang Easter-y songs and some of the students put on a few skits/dances. It was very enjoyable and meaningful. Afterward, we celebrated Easter by having dinner at the Fluths. Daniel made the annual Risotto and I made honey-glazed veggies, which actually turned out pretty good. The smoked pork chops the Fluths cooked were the closest thing to ham we could have and they were delicious.
after eating a wonderful dinner, we went back home to hide/hunt for candy-filled Easter eggs. :) Later, Katie came over and we died eggs.
It was a good Easter and spring break, but it was also good to be back at school with my students. I spent this week's Bible class talking about Christ's death and resurrection, and it was so good to celebrate the increible holidy with my students in that way. I look forward to celebrating next year with our baby (though it will be a while before it can hunt for eggs...)!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Peterson Visit and a Haircut

Daniel's parents arrived very early Friday morning. We had a half day that day, so they came into school and met our kids. They were able to attend the birthday party Daniel threw for me with my class. The kids were so cute! One of them even brought in a huge birthday cake! That night we went out with JCS teachers and the Petersons to the Columbian food stand for some yummy food. Afterward, we had a bonfire (on our cement patio) and Daniel set off a large firework he received over Christmas break. Talk about a birthday celebration! I felt very special. :)
That day I also went with Sara, and Kristy (a JCS teacher) to the salon to have a manicure and hair cut. They I felt so pampered. It was also fun to have girl time! I'm not sure when I've had my hair this short. I wasn't expecting it to be cut that short, but that's ok.
On Saturday we took a motobike trip up to a waterfall, and then down to the lower waterfall in the same river (It was about a 40 min drive from the top to the bottom waterfall). It was a chance to have Daniel's fam. see Jarabacoa from a fun perspective (it's much more enjoyable on a motocycle than in a car).
All in all, it was a good start to Semana Santa and the Peterson's visit. Today we're leaving for the beach. I'll have much more to update then. :)