Friday, April 13, 2007

Semana Santa

We had a great visit with Daniel's family. We stayed at a condo right on the beach surrouded with trees and beautiful flowers. Not only did we take time to relax on the beach and swim, but on our way out we visited the teleferica (sp?)- a cable car that took us up a steep mountain. On top of the mountain lay a garden and scientific reserve. There were many pretty pathways through the areas. I enjoyed bird watching even though I didn't see a lot of birds (though I heard many).
The day after Daniel's family left, we spent some time with a teacher from last year who was visiting for the week. The next day Daniel ran in the Jarabacoa marathon. I did not, but was able to take pictures of him (from a motorbike).
Easter morning we have a breakfast of hot cross buns (I had made them the night before). At church, we sang Easter-y songs and some of the students put on a few skits/dances. It was very enjoyable and meaningful. Afterward, we celebrated Easter by having dinner at the Fluths. Daniel made the annual Risotto and I made honey-glazed veggies, which actually turned out pretty good. The smoked pork chops the Fluths cooked were the closest thing to ham we could have and they were delicious.
after eating a wonderful dinner, we went back home to hide/hunt for candy-filled Easter eggs. :) Later, Katie came over and we died eggs.
It was a good Easter and spring break, but it was also good to be back at school with my students. I spent this week's Bible class talking about Christ's death and resurrection, and it was so good to celebrate the increible holidy with my students in that way. I look forward to celebrating next year with our baby (though it will be a while before it can hunt for eggs...)!

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