Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wedding and More...

Congratulations Brent and Sara on a beautiful wedding! They both looked wonderful. We left for New York on the Wednesday before the wedding. The next few days consisted (for me, Teresa) of dress fittings, last minute dinner countings for the reception, etc… But I also had fun being girly with Sara's Mary Kay party and professional pedicures and manicures. Daniel was an usher and spent time doing things with the guys (arcade games, laser tag, go-carts, Frisbee, etc.). Poor boys. They worked so hard. ;)

The wedding itself was beautiful. It was fun to see the wedding from a different point of view (from being a bridesmaid). I had a good view of my brother the whole time. He looked so mature and in-love! :) Daniel had a view from the back through the door. (There weren't enough chairs… he said he had a good view, though). The reception was also a lot of fun. Pictures will be posted on the Gerig's website.

On Sunday Daniel and I took the opportunity to have a date night. We ate at Chili's and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in IMAX. I don't remember much of the old one, but I've heard that this one was closer to the original book (which I haven't read). It was weird, but I expected as much and I really liked it. Afterward, I had such a craving for chocolate. However, since I shouldn't have chocolate due to my heartburn, I settled for white chocolate.

On Monday we (Daniel and I, my parents, Sara's parents, and both my sets of grandparents) went to Niagara Falls. I've been there before, but I never did any of the extra "tours." This time, we went on the Maid of the Mist. It was a boat that took us as close into the falls as was safe. It was awesome and incredible to see the power of nature and think about the even greater power of the One who created it. We took some pictures and a short video clip that I will try to attach.

 On Tuesday we drove to my Great Uncle's bed and breakfast, called Tudor Hall. My parents and grandparents (Gerigs) were also there. It is located on one of the Finger Lakes. It was beautiful and we spent two days boating (canoe, paddle boat, and a row boat with an outboard motor), swimming, and swinging from a rope swing. It was a great time of relaxing after the crazy, but fun, days of wedding/preparations.

Thus ends our trip to New York. We came back on Thursday and spent the next few days packing and being with family. We leave tomorrow! More on that later…

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