Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fwd: The Countdown Begins...

Work just ended for me (Teresa) which means that it's time to start
packing and thinking about the move. I'm excited about going to the
Dominican Republic, but thinking about it, the packing, and the travel
makes me a little anxious. We leave in a little over 3 weeks. We'll be
gone for one of those weeks- going to Brent and Sara's wedding. :) Of
other interest, Daniel and I went to a concert- Shine Fest- on Sunday
(it was his birthday present). Many bands played, but the ones of note
were Audio Adrenaline and Newboys. We had a great time and ate good food.
That's about it for now. :)


peak said...

did you see Paul there? :-D I know he went... wish I could have gone... ah well

Daniel and Teresa said...

We did see him... but we don't think he saw us. BTW, what is your email address?

peak said...

my email is