Sunday, April 30, 2006

Muchas Actividades

This past week has been full of activities (which means fun and tiredness). It started last Friday night when I (Teresa) had my 4th grade girls over for a sleepover (check out the pictures below). Out of 6 girls, 5 of them were able to come. Being an all girls sleepover, Daniel left for the night (to stay with the Chases) and Katie (the P.E. teacher) joined me to supervise the sleepover. We had a great time watching movies, having pillow fights, telling silly stories, etc. We were asleep by 11:00, and the girls decided to get up around 6:30 (they didn't know what time it was, they just all happened to be awake). So we watched another movie and had pancakes for breakfast.


Brief update of the week: Tuesday night dinner gathering, Wed. night bible study, Thurs. night dinner with my students who earned points and wanted to cash them in.


That brings us to Friday afternoon, field day. For field day we had a baseball game between the teachers and junior high students. The younger students got to do activities in-between. The students won, 10-9.

Friday night we went to a lock-in. One of the older students at our school is a missionary kid: her father started a local church and youth group. Friday night he had a huge lock-in involving a group from Santo Domingo, Santiago, and students from Jarabacoa. We helped out/chaperoned until 12:30ish. We had a good time and enjoyed meeting students. The girls in the picture are from Santo Domingo. It was an adventure trying to communicate with my limited Spanish, but I enjoyed it!


Saturday afternoon Daniel and I ran in another race. (Picture to come) The race was with the Ark (the Kid's Alive orphanage). First they had the kid's races, and then they had the "marathon." It was around 4 miles, maybe a little over. The course was very hilly. Although it was shorter than the 7.8 miles we did a few weeks before, we certainly pushed ourselves harder, and I am much sorer than before. But, we did it in about 34 minutes, which means 8:30 minute miles on hilly ground. So, though it's nowhere near what athletes run, we're happy with our time. This time there were 4 girls over 18 running, and I got 2nd place again. Renee got 1st. (Yay Renee!) and Katie and Amanda tied for third. So we're all winners!!! J Oh, and congratulations Steve who got 2nd for the guys with an insane time of 23ish minutes.


Tonight Daniel and I are going camping at "Spider Point," as we named it, because tomorrow is Dominican Labor day and we have the day off!


On a more serious note, please be praying for the Taylor community and the families and friends of those involved in the serious car accident. I can't even imagine what it must be like for them right now, and it hurts to see part of my "family" hurting so greatly. I am so glad that they can lean on each other and encourage each other with God's love. Please pray that the families and friends of the staff and students who died will be able to have a sense of God's love during this time.

Peace and Blessings,

The Petersons

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