Friday, August 18, 2006

Eric and Christine Moore

Our last week in the States

Filling in a Blog gap.
The weekend of August 5, we went to Eric and Christine Moore’s wedding in Grand Rapids. On Friday the 4th, we drove to the Warren Dunes and met Carrie (former teacher from the DR). It was a beautiful day and we hiked around the dunes for a bit, sunbathed, swam in the surprisingly warm (i.e. comfortably cool) waters of Lake Michigan, and caught up with each other’s doings.
Friday night we stayed with Teresa’s Uncle Mike (who presided at our wedding) and Aunt Linda’s (who played piano at our wedding) house. It was a lot of fun to spend time with them, sort of as adults. Uncle Mike took us to 4 (maybe 5?) bookstores and we spent probably more than we should have on the great deals on used educational books. We also got to hear about Uncle Mike’s trips to Mongolia and Southeast Asia where he helps train indigenous pastors how to better teach and lead their people. We had a lot of time to talk and relax with them before and after the wedding on Saturday and went to church with them Sunday morning. It was our first chance as a married couple to spend time with extended family without our parents, and it felt so adult!
The wedding itself was beautiful. It is so clear that God brought Eric and Christine together and that they desire to honor Him with their marriage. We have been so blessed this summer that all the marriages we witnessed were so clearly anointed and birthed by God! One very cool thing about this wedding was its theme. They focused on the Ecclesiastes passage, “a chord of 3 strands is not easily broken.” After they said their vows, they braided together three chords, one for each of them and one for God who makes and strengthens their marriage. It was a beautiful symbol and expression of their desire! There were few Taylorites at this wedding (since it was in both of their hometown), but we got to sit with a few Gerig people at the reception and had fun. The food was an amazing Italian buffet with spaghetti/meatballs, seafood stuffed shells, and something pasta with a cream sauce along with salad and garlic bread… mmmm. Eric and Christine will even be living in our old apartment (“The Loft”) in Upland where we lived as “very newlyweds.”
Our last few days in Wheaton were full of packing, buying things we needed, and spending some precious last time with family. Our last night in the States, we went out to dinner with both our parents to a tapas restaurant in a big mansion. It was a lot of fun and good food. Due to the travel restrictions, we had to leave Wheaton at 3:30 to get to the airport, but as you may have already read, travel all went well.

Eric and Christine Moore

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LDub said...

Hey Tree/Daniel,

The restaurant you went to didn't happen to be Meson Sabika, did it?

Daniel and Teresa said...

Yup, it was. Yummmmmm...