Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome Jeremiah Daniel Peterson!

Dear friends and family,
  We know most of you received e-mails from our parents, but we wanted to send out our own mass-announcement that Jeremiah Daniel Peterson was born at 10:15pm on Wednesday August 8. He was 7lb exactly, 20.5 inches long and is, in our opinion, the most beautiful baby EVER! Thank you all so much for your prayers!
  Our doctor had been pressuring us to schedule a cesarean section and we really weren't comfortable with that, since we wanted the baby to have the chance to turn and go on God's timing. We had to decide Monday if we wanted to do a c-section then (still before the due date) or wait and plan one for later. God's timing came Wednesday night when Teresa's water suddenly broke at 8:00(ish). Things progressed quickly (especially the contractions!) and we got to the hospital at 9:00. The doctor was ready to do the c-section (as the baby was still feet down). He was born at 10:15 PM. We were able to have Jeremiah brought to us and he stayed in our room for the next few days, until we left for home Friday afternoon. We are so excited to have our son with us and praise the Lord for his perfect timing and his creation! We are thankful to all our friends in the D.R. who have supported us and visited us, and our family and friends at home who have also supported us with their love. Teresa's mom will be coming Sunday night and her dad will come the following week. Daniel's parents will come visit a little later in September. We are excited to show Jeremiah off to his grandparents!
We posted pictures online here.
We will continue to post pictures there and send updates!
God bless,
Daniel and Teresa


The Mommy said...

Congratulations! So happy for you - and your baby IS gorgeous and beautiful and adorable! (Don't know about "the most beautiful baby EVER...hehe")

I look forward to reading updates and seeing pictures!

zay said...

yay! Congratualtions! he's SO cute. i'm so happy for you guys!