Sunday, March 02, 2008


We've had a nice little display of fireworks here on two occasions: Wednesday night for Independence Day, and tonight for the end of Carnival. When we heard the first "BOOM" on Wed. night, we ignored it, since we're so used to lots of random noise. But then I decided to go out on our porch to check if there was anything to see. I was impressed to see real fireworks. These weren't the firecrackers they sell here at Christmas time. These were like U.S. independence day fireworks. It only lasted about 5 minutes, but was very pretty to watch. Then tonight they set off more fireworks. We went out right away (after jumping from the initial boom which set off all the car alarms around us). Once again, there was a beautiful 5 minute display of fireworks, including the loud "BOOM" ones that only make a small spark, and even my favorite "chandelier" fireworks which fill up the sky! The most amazing part- Jeremiah slept through it both nights (even though I had just put him down and closed the door before they started tonight, and they were set off only a few blocks away-safety guidelines, what are they?)!

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Leah said...

so glad Jeremiah slept thru them...Dylan, did not. Now, he is asleep in my bed. They were pretty though - really enjoyed them Wednesday night. Were they louder tonight?