Thursday, January 22, 2009

And We're Back!

Daniel's family just left this morning after a week long visit. During their time here we hung-out, went to the beach, went whale watching, visited the Ark, played games, and enjoyed being together. I, obviously, took a break from blogging. Jeremiah had a blast playing with Grandpa How, Grammy Dee, and Aunt Sara. And, due to our new camera (Christmas present), we took lots of pics and videos!
So, after the holidays and visits life is getting back to "normal." Well, somewhat. I'm still doing last minute things to get ready for the retreat coming up next weekend (in a week). I'm helping with decorations, etc. This year, there's a record number attending: 112 women! Life for Daniel isn't quite normal yet, either. Today he's subbing for teachers and trying to be the director all at once!
When we set up our camera, I'll post some pictures. :)

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