Monday, May 11, 2009

The end (we hope) of the inverter saga...

So, a few Tuesdays ago I posted about my joy in having new inverter batteries. Well, the very next day the inverter ceased working. That week we tried to contact an inverter repairman and endured a week of terrible power outages. Finally, we contacted one that could come and the following Monday he came and took the inverter to fix it (the transfer-switch wasn't working, so it wouldn't turn on when the power went off). He came back on Tuesday with it fixed. Yay! But.... he put the case on upside down (which isn't a problem except that the vented side was then on top). That evening a strong storm came and... the inverter died. So Daniel had to change our electricity to bypass the inverter and go straight to city power. We soon discovered the problem: since the inverter is in an caged outside-area with only a tin roof, water from the storm leaked into the inverter. Before, when the case was on the other way, the vents were on the bottom and we had no problem. But, since he switched it, water could now leak in. So, we called the guy again and he came the next day. Finally, on Thursday, he brought it back repaired (We only had to pay for the new switch thing). Of course, after all this, we've had power all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But, today the power was off for all of 10 minutes, so we were able to enjoy the inverter!
Of course, as soon as it's fixed the power magically goes from being terrible to wonderful. But, I'm not going to ccomplain. City power is good (it means I can do lots of laundry and have cold food!). :) I just hope that's the end of the saga!

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