Tuesday, June 09, 2009

On Recovery...

So, most of last week went according to our schedule. Friday afternoon we drove to the beach and had a wonderful time. We joined our friends at a huge beach house that they rented. It even had its own pool! The first evening we relaxed, swam, had a yummy dinner on the beach, and then returned for an evening swim and a movie (the movie Bolt). The next day we walked down the beach to have breakfast, walked back, and then took Dylan and Jeremiah to the beach (the group of beach houses we rented were on the beach, but ours was a little ways back; about a block away). We had so much fun jumping in the waves, playing in the sand, and burying Dylan. The older Jeremiah grows, the more fun we have at the beach!
After about an 1 1/2 hrs of playing at the beach, we headed back to the house for lunch, swam in the pool, and then packed up to drive home. Upon returning home, Daniel dressed for the 8th grade graduation and headed out the door. I fed the boy and put us both to sleep.
The next day (Sunday) our plans deviated vastly from our schedule. I threw up 3 times in the night/morning and felt absolutely terrible. Daniel and Jeremiah stayed home to take care of me. I finally made it out to the living room at about 4 in the afternoon. I was finally able to keep down some food, and went to bed early, but didn't sleep very well. Monday I stayed home with Jeremiah and rested all day. Happily, he was a very sweet boy and allowed me to rest on the couch while he played around me. Due to the half day, Daniel came home for lunch to check on me, hang the diapers, and put Jeremiah down for his nap.
Last night I slept super well and have so much more energy today! I am so thankful that my illness fell on the two days when Daniel had no mandatory events to attend. I am also so thankful to my wonderful husband who took such good care of me!
I'm guessing my illness was mostly due to over-exhaustion along with the active day in the sun (I was really throwing myself out there in the ocean!). The other times (earlier in my pregnancy) when I was this ill also followed multiple days of less sleep and being over-tired.
So, eventually I will post pictures of the beach (we took lots!). And the beach trip was worth it, even if I did over-extend myself!!

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