Monday, July 13, 2009

Jarabacoa Christian School needs...

Please pass this on to anyone interested in helping out! Here are some needs we have for this school year:

*Sponsor a child! There are several children in Jarabacoa that want to attend JCS, but cannot for financial reasons. There are several types of scholarship available, starting at $17/month (see below). You can choose to give 25%, 50%, or 75%. You can give monthly or all at once. If you pay all of it up front, you receive a 10% discount, if you pay one semester you receive a 5% discount.
Here are the areas of need:
PreK3-K5: $177 inscription; $66/month for 10 months
1st-2nd Grade: $211 inscription; $94/month for 10 months
3rd-5th Grade: $225 inscription; $112/month for 10 months

For example, if you chose to sponsor a student in preschool at 25%, you would give $53 for inscription/August, and $17/month from Sep-June. If you chose to sponsor a 1st-2nd grader at 50%, you would give $106 for the inscription, and $47/month from Sep-June.

*Donations- JCS needs lots of basic supplies: construction paper, glue, tape, markers, pens, pencils, teaching tools, teaching resources, etc... We also need sports equipment, as well as play items for preschool, such as toys, pretend play, clothes for dress up (if you have fun old shoes, dresses, hats, belts, shirts, vests etc.), etc.

*Come join us! We still have some positions that need to be filled: PK4, 2nd grade, 3rd or 6th grade, jr/sr high history, and jr/sr high science. College degree is required, certified teacher is preferred.

*Partner in Prayer! Please pray that God will fill our staffing needs, for safe travels for incoming teachers, for a good start to the year, that all of our teachers and staff would effectively share the love of Christ with our students, and that God would bring us through any obstacles we face this year.

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