Monday, October 05, 2009

Meet the Big Brother!

Jeremiah loves Timmy! He gives him kisses and "snuggles" before bed (and other times), tries to share things with him (stickers, juice- by attempting to pour it on him, and bread- mommy had to nix this one and the juice), and makes sure he has a blanket (we have to watch him so he doesn't put it on Timmy's head). Here are some pics of the big brother on duty. :)

Jeremiah brought his chair over by Timmy so he could look after his little brother

All smiles!

Taking care of Timmy

Other Random Pictures of the Boys:

Jeremiah is our "drink" boy; he has juice, milk, and water (he likes to put coasters out on the coffee table, line them up, and put his drinks on top. And of course everyone has to have a coaster for their drink and he insists on putting them all away before he goes to bed)

Dressed all in blue!

Here are some pics from Daniel's last day at JCS:

The staff had a surprise party for him. Here's the yummy cake:

Jeremiah enjoyed an icing flower (he didn't eat the wire)

One last pic in Daddy's office

And guess who slept through the whole thing?

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