Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's a girl!

It's also a puppy. A week ago Thursday night, we took in two dogs for puppy foster care. Here's the story:

A staff member here was planning to go back to the States; she is the owner of Fay (the mommy dog) and planned to bring her along. When it came time to give her shots, etc. for the trip, they discovered she was pregnant (she's young, still less than a year). The baby was born a week before she needed to leave. Neither dogs could get there sots due to the newborn nursing, etc. and would need to remain in quarantine for 30 days in whichever city she flew to fist in the states. As a result, she needed someone to care for the dogs until Fay could receive her shots and be sent to the U.S. We had already expressed interest in the puppy, so we agreed to care for the, see how things go with Chiste and the puppy, and either keep her or send the puppy with Fay.
The first few days were a little rocky. Fay growled anytime Chiste or Jer were near. However, they've warmed up to each other in the past few days and Fay has been extremely happy and social. The two of them are becoming fast friends, and we have them in the same area. Daniel made a chicken wire fence around Jer's dog house and part of the yard so they no longer need to wear a leash. There's a temporary separator to divide the dog yard into two smaller sections. That way, when we're gone the dogs can have their separate areas (and they each have a place to go when it rains; Chiste a dog house, Fay a kennel). Right now, though, since I'm home, the gate between the two areas is open, as well as the gate to the porch and the front door. So they can happily go between the house, porch, and both dog yards. I'm glad they can have more freedom and are getting along so well!
The puppy is about 12 days old and her eyes are just beginning to open. She's extremely roly poly, being the only puppy in the litter and having her mama all to herself! Assuming we keep her, we decided to name her "Calcetinas"(socks) and call her "Tina" for short because she's mostly dark, but has white on each leg (see picture at end) making it look like she's wearing socks.

Her's Fay (not sure why the picture didn't stay rotated)Looking out the new fence
Saying "hi"

The dog yard goes to the far tree in that row of palm trees, down the hill a little, and then a little further behind where I took the picture


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