Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Photos

Last week a photographer (director's niece, Sarah Barlow) came down to the D.R. to do photo shoots for the seniors. She also gave up some of her time to do family photo shoots at a discounted price. What a blessing and amazing opportunity for us to have family photos taken in a beautiful location!
The boys did well- Jeremiah started getting squirmy at times, but was easily distracted. Timmy was content throughout the whole process. Sarah did so well with the boys, getting them to smile, or look at the camera (and Annie helped out with a giant Curious George). Here are some (okay, a bunch) of our favorites (see the slide-show below), and a few posted here to convince you to check out the slide-show. :)

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Brent said...

Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.