Friday, August 27, 2010

A 5 minute glimpse into "life with toddlers"

This is a good example of how many messes little boys can make!
After breakfast, Timmy let me know very clearly that he wanted down. However, I needed to clean up a mess under the table (I'm guessing it was doggy pee) before I let him down on the floor. Just after cleaning up that mess, I walked over to Timmy and realized that he's made a mess (poos) on his feeding chair (he's had a rash, so we're giving him extra "nakie" time). Thankfully, we'd put a cloth diaper on top of the chair in case such a mess occurred (though this was the first #2 mess). I pick him up, cleaned him off, set him free, and carefully picked up the cloth diaper to take care of the poos. While I was rinsing it out, Timmy decided to spill over the doggy water (left out from last night). Water begins runs all over the floor, and I grab a towel to wipe it up. While I am doing this, Timmy crawls into the living room, stands up, and pees on the floor (and part of a rug). And so I run for another cloth. And then clean Timmy off, and put a diaper on him.
None of these were big messes, but it was a bit funny/overwhelming to have them happen just as I was cleaning up from the last one.
In general, Timmy gets into MUCH more trouble than Jeremiah ever did- unrolling toilet paper, climbing on chairs, tables, tops of sofas, etc. I was apparently spoiled with Jer! Which worries me, because Jer is a pretty intense, active 3 year old! What will Timmy be like at age 3?!

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