Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Newsletter

Newsletter-Finally! And internet!

We recently sent out our November newsletter. It’s been a l-o-n-g time since we’ve written one (which didn’t mean there hadn’t been anything to tell, it just meant we hadn’t gotten around to telling it). Below is the email sent with the newsletter. If you want to receive the newsletter but didn’t, let me know.

Dear Friends and Family,

God has been doing some great things in our life and ministry, though it has been difficult sharing them since we have had major, ongoing problems with Internet and networking at Escuela Caribe. We are now going on two months without Internet to our house, so our contact with the States has been far less than desired. Our newsletter will give you a quick update on life here over the past six months.

Along with sending out our newsletter, we want to let you all know about our plans for next year. In spite of our love for Jarabacoa and the ministry here, we feel God leading us away from the Dominican Republic when my contract expires in May. We had been thinking this way over the summer, but our new house, Teresa’s need for dental work (see newsletter), and our own comfort here in the DR were causing us to second-guess it. After a somewhat long deliberation between staying at Escuela Caribe or moving to Teresa’s parents’ house in North Carolina, God is clearly leading us to Indiana. It was a huge weight off to receive this guidance, but now we face the uncertainties of moving somewhere where we have neither housing nor work, and doing it from another country. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for God’s guidance for our family into the job, church, ministries, and home that He has planned for us.

In Christ,
Daniel, Teresa, Jeremiah, Timothy, and all our animals

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