Friday, January 14, 2011

Grain-Free, week1

Our household is currently in the middle of a two week grain fast. Basically, we’re trying to figure out why we’ve had so many digestive problems lately. Instead of trying to be gluten free for a while, we just bit the bullet and decided to go grain free, as grains are often very difficult to digest. We’re also eating a good amount of yogurt, as we can’t find any good pro-biotics here.

So far, Jer has slept through the night each night, and Timmy has slept better, including one full night (first time in over a year)! I don’t know if it’s connected to our diet, but it’s at least interesting to observe.

So far, some food highlights are: potato pizza (a favorite of ours previously), shepherd’s pie, pastalon de platanos maduras (one of my favorite Dominican foods), peanut crusted baked chicken, lemon bars with a nut crust, pumpkin pancakes (using a tiny bit of bean flour we milled with our new grain mill) with yogurt-banana topping, salad with yogurt dressing and Greek olives, and salad with chicken and honey-lemon-garlic dressing. Fun snacks include: casaba (store-bought “crackers” made with 100% yucca, a root grown here), eggplant dip, roasted garlic, pumpkin seeds, hummus, potato skins, beef jerky, beet chips and batata chips.

And perfect timing- one of our banana trees is ready, so we have a plethora of green bananas to use in the place of potatoes or platanos. And when they ripen, we’ll enjoy them even more!

And tonight’s menu: roasted tomato-basil soup, chick-pea bread, Moroccan chicken and Moroccan eggplant salad

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