Sunday, July 01, 2007

Food Creations

So our food creation of this week was jelly donuts. I used a recipe from the back of a Taste of Home magazine. They weren't very difficult and were very yummy. Daniel was my grease patter and suger-er. :)After the dough rose once, I cut them into circles and let them rise again.

Then we fry them. Mmmm.. grease

After the frying, Daniel patted them and dipped them in sugar. The recipe recommended icing them, but we wanted ours sugar-coated.

Finally, I slit them through the middle and stuffed them with strawberry jelly.

Daniel gives them an "A+, Crispy Cream- watch out"
So not the most healthy of our bread/baking endeavors, but def. tasty.

As for other food updates: Last week for date night we made enchiladas, salsa, and yummy low-fat re"fried" beans mixed with cheese- thanks to our rice cooker for soaking the beans for us (it takes a long, long time). This week we are having pesto shrimp pasta. Mmmm... shrimp...

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