Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th!

Leah's giant cookie :) Mmmmm

Yesterday we have fun celebrating the 4th of July, in spite of being in another country. We had Leah and the Schotts over for dinner and grilled out on our patio. Dinner included hamburgers, grilled corn, jello, potatoes and peppers (thanks to the Schotts), and a watermelon bowl and decorated giant cookie (thanks to Leah). It was all very yummy. The jello turned out well- it had red, white, and blue layers. We made it based off of Daniel's sister's jello she makes each Christmas (but used blue instead of green). The green was grape jello to which I added blue food coloring. The white was lemon jello with cream cheese, and the red was cherry jello.
In all, I ate way too much and suffered heart burn for it. All well.
After dinner we celebrated with Dominican sparklers, which are slightly more fun than American sparklers because they're less safe and more powerful. :)See the red, white, and blue jello?

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