Sunday, October 26, 2008

Victory in Jesus

This weekend we had a "mini-retreat" for our staff at JCS. Friday was teacher training/work on report cards. Daniel showed a hour of Facing the Giants (I blogged on it here) to discuss the idea of victory, working as a team, doing our best for God, etc. That evening, we showed the second half of it, followed by a campfire, singing, discussion, and smores. The next morning we made breakfast for whomever wanted to come, and had a reflection time, more singing, and sharing. The weekend was a good time to fellowship and reflect. So often I find myself thinking I'm not doing enough, or doing the "right things." After all, I'm a "missionary" but I'm home with my child all day. I get this idea that I must be doing "big" things and must have results to be pleasing God. God reminded me that He wants me to do my best in the "small" things and leave the rest up to Him, trusting that He can use the "small" things in BIG ways! Instead of being paralyzed by guilt that I'm not doing enough, I want to take joy in the work that God's given me right now!
I'm so thankful for that reminder, and thankful for the peace God brings. We recently had our trees in the back yard trimmed. Before, we did not have much sun. Now, the sun shines brightly and I'm so refreshed (although very warm) from speding time with God outside in the sunshine. My favorite place to reflect is my hammock. Somehow, I feel more peace and can focus better when I'm outdoors. So, I'll leave you with this:

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