Sunday, December 07, 2008

Green Onions?!

I like green onions in salads, stir-fry, soup, grilled, etc,. but I can't say that I'd ever snack on them plain. Apparently, my child's tastes differ from my own. He's been fairly picky about food lately (he'll like something one day and refuse it the next; suddenly spit it out in the middle of a meal, etc.). Sometimes, though he'll suprise me, like the time he tried something with hot pepper and like it. Today, after he finished eating, he tried to grab a dish from the table. The dish had various toppings for our Asian salad. His hand reached for the green onions, so I decided to give him a taste (thinking he would then leave the dish alone). But no, he not only ate the piece of green onion, but came back for more... several times! Strange child...
In other Jer news, he said his first phrase, "Ma, ma Papa" which translates to "Mas Papas," which translates to, "More Potatoes." (He was eating potatoes at the time and wanted more). He continues to say "Ma" a lot for "Mas." It's hard for me to tell when he's says Mas, and when he's saying Mama. He also loves to say "Chee-Tay" for Chiste (our dog- pronounced Cheestay).

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