Monday, December 29, 2008

Our tropical Christmas

Rain, waterfalls, palm trees, 70 degree weather, sancocho, rice and beans....
Sound Christmasy? Maybe for some, but this year was certainly an unusual Christmas for us.
The past three years we traveled home for Christmas. This year, we decided we'd had enough of traveling to a frigid climate, the shock of the dry air that leaves our mouths feeling parched, and me feeling nauseaus, etc. So, we decided to stay. While we missed many of our family, we enjoyed "staying put" for the holidays this year.
Here's a run-down on our week:

Monday- get the house ready for my parents to come; Daniel picks up my parents from the airport. Yay!

Tuesday- wrap presents, hang out around house, Dad not feeling well :( , make moro, ensalada russo, and pollo guisado for dinner, Jer has fever

Wednesday- walk with friend and mom; Dad is still not feeling well, but is willing to go to waterfall (during a clearing in the rain); visit waterfall; finish wrapping; make Sancocho for dinner; Mom, Daniel, Jer, and I go to Escuela Caribe for Christmas Eve service and dessert

Thursday- Christmas!!! Sticky rolls and ginger tea for breakfast, read advent scripture, relax, open presents, relax, open more presents, Jer takes nap, Jer eventually finishes opening presents, relax, make dinner (Daniel smokes pork, I make Dominican salad), guests come (a family from church), eat yummy food, talk, sing Christmas carols, watch "It's a Wonderful Life," go to bed late

Friday- Go walking, Mom not feeling well, go to another waterfall when it's not raining, relax, eat Columbian food for dinner. Daniel gets sick (fever). Power goes out in the middle of the night... twice. Wakes us. Wakes baby. Baby cries and throws tantrum. Daniel spikes a high fever.

Saturday- raining, sleepy, Dad and I go out for breakfast (we're the only healthy ones), hang out, decide to drive to Manabao (further up into the mountains) as the rain cleared up and Daniel felt a little better, I drive, we picnic by the river, drive back down, starts to rain again, go back home and relax, go out to eat for dinner

Sunday- Daniel wakes up with sore throat and neck; Dad, Mom, Jer, and I go to church; come home and grill; relax; Mom and I walk to the farmacia to buy medicine for Daniel; Mom and I go to neighbor's for birthday party (for their 6 yr old); throw-together dinner (mac n cheese); pray together

Monday- Daniel drives Mom and Dad to airport

So, in spite of all but me being sick at some point, and it raining some every day, we had a very enjoyable time together. Things on tab for this week:
-do stuff around house (make shelves, hang pictures, etc.)
-visit friends
-get some work done (tutoring prep and grading, Daniel needs to look over final exams teachers have written, etc.)
-play with Jer and his new toys

Daniel's family comes in two weeks, so Christmas decor will stay up (yay!), and we'll just extend the Christmas season (we'll keep listening to Christmas songs, watch Christmas videos...). We're looking forward to seeing them!

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