Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More than Just Pregnancy?

I had another one of those days on Sunday. It was similar to two weeks ago, when I couldn't keep anything down, except that it only lasted 1 day. And then Monday I was wiped out. Yesterday I felt good; I went on a walk with Jeremiah, did some preggie stretches, laundry, made dinner, etc. And then I was weak again today. I figured it was just really bad morning sickness. But I'm in my second trimester and "shouldn't" be this bad, nor was I anywhere near this bad anytime during my pregnancy with Jeremiah. Then again, many people have bad preggie symptoms, and each pregnancy is different.
But then today I ran across a few notes I'd written before I was pregnant (when I was trying to keep track of how I felt) and remembered the strange symptoms I experienced during the three months before getting pregnant. I even went to the doctor and had blood tests taken (which of course came back normal).
Here were my symptoms that came and went throughout the months:
  • dizzy
  • weak
  • nauseous
  • extremely thirsty
So remembering that makes me worried that there's something besides pregnancy agrivating my pregnancy symptoms.
Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


Jes said...

Do you have any way to check your sugar? I had a lot of those symptoms when I had my gestational diabetes. Do they do the gest. diabetes test there? If not you might want to get your sugar checked, even if they do you may want to get it checked before they do the test.

Daniel & Teresa said...

The only way I can get it checked is when they take my blood sugar and do a glucose test. But it's come back normal both times. My guess was that it was sugar related, but since it happened way before I became pregnant, I don't think it's just pregnancy related. Can you get gestational diabetes when you're not pregnant?