Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet-and-Greet Monday: Jeremiah goes to school

Today was Jeremiah's big day- the first day of preschool! JCS starts preschool at age 2, for language acquisition purposes. Even though it's going to be mostly in English, the kids will all come in speaking Spanish, and I'm hoping Jeremiah will pick up more Spanish than he does at home. I wasn't worried about him having a good time- but I was worried that I would be lonely without him (I love having my buddy with me). However, I was surprised how quickly the morning went and how much I enjoyed the quiet (but, of course, I won't have that for long!). Daniel biked in with Jeremiah and said he went easily to his seat and started playing. The times that he peaked in the classroom Jeremiah was playing and enjoying himself. Daniel also once heard him down the hall in the bathroom yelling, "Pee-pee, yay!" The teacher informed us that he didn't cry at all (many of the 2 yr olds cry the first day). I'm not surprised, as he's super social and the school is a familiar, fun place to him. After a quiet morning, I drove to school at noon, had lunch with the boy and daddy, came home, snuggled with Jer, and put him down for his nap.
Anyway, here are the pics (and some other random ones as well):

This is the "practice" (introducing him to his back-pack)

And here's the real deal:
(no uniform yet, they're back-ordered)

Off they go!

And now for some random pics:

Jer. still has a thing with putting underwear on his head

So we found him a hat

Helping daddy with yard work

A random chicken that some how made it into our yard (we have a very tall fence)

10 beautiful, big mangos for just under $3 total
(I love mango season!)

And that's all for now! For more meet-and-greet, go to Beth's page.

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Joanna said...

He's such a big boy! School! Wow! Hopefully he'll continue to enjoy it. It's nice to have his dad in the building while he's in his class.