Monday, August 10, 2009

Meet-and-Greet Monday: Jeremiah's big day!

Saturday was Jeremiah's 2nd b-day. We celebrated with a kid (family) party in the morning. It was fun to have kids running around the yard, playing in the pool, etc. And the parents were a huge help (helped ice the cupcakes, do dishes, etc.). Snacks consisted of fruit kabobs, ham-cheese dip and crackers, and bread sticks (and cake, of course). Jeremiah had a great time, but was too excited later that afternoon to take his nap (but he was willing to read books for about an hour). Here are a few of the highlights; check out all the pics from the party at my picasa album!

Here he is trying to stay awake (notice the Mickey Mouse cup and plate):

Showing off that he's 2!

My first attempt at a decorated cake (I cheated and used a cake mix from the box)

With his birthday cake (he gently stuck his fingers in the eyes and licked them):

However, after a few licks of his small piece of cake, he was more interested in the food on the rest of his plate

Time for presents!

He was very excited about his toothpaste and toothbrush; here he's showing off his teeth

Playing with his new "choo-choo"

Jeremiah and Micah (she came early to help; she made the fruit kabobs and the dough for the breadsticks!)

Jer's new apron (I made it for when he helps me in the kitchen)

He loves letters!
And for more pictures from the "birthday weekend" (and to see Jeremiah with underwear on his head) go to my picasa album:
Jer's birthday weekend

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Joanna said...

I LOVE your shirt. That's perfect.

And, oh my, Jer's getting so big!