Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The First Week

Here's a brief recap of Timmy's first week:
-Born Monday
-Grandpa How. arrived Tuesday night to take care of Jer
-Went home Wednesday afternoon
-Jer stayed home from school sick on Thur.
-Grammy Dee arrived Thursday night
-Jer stayed home again Friday; Both Timmy and Jer get lots of good attention from grandparents
-Mommy, Daddy, and Timmy went down to Santiago Saturday for a check-up; Timmy is doing well and the jaundice is normal (nothing excessive, not beyond what many newborns have, just need to give him sunbaths in morning and evening like we did with Jer, who was worse)
-Sunday- relax with family; meet Nonna and Grandpa Rod via web-cam
-Monday- Jer. goes back to school; Grandpa How. subs at JCS; big thunderstorm; yummy pizza

Timmy enjoying his rocker/baby seat

Timmy and Grammy Dee

Jer and Grandpa How going on a walk

The boys :)

Playing "dress-up"

First day wearing his uniform to school

Grandpa How dressed to substitute teach with Jer in his school shirt (notice the matching logos)

Enjoying his pizza :)

Mommy and Daddy enjoying pizza


Linda said...

You go, Grandpa How! Substitute teacher!

Leah said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! Jer looks so adorable (and so unbelievably grown up in his uniform!) Timmy is absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing!

SheilaL said...

What a beautiful family! Congratulations one and all!