Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life right now...

Here's a glimpse at daily life right now:

-Nursing, nursing, and more nursing
-Burping a baby; cleaning up lots of spit-up (we think he has some acid reflux- we can't lay him down flat without fear of spit-up and lots of crying; he's sleeping reclined)
-Changing baby diapers
-Dealing with temper tantrums from a 2 year old (but they're really not too bad considering all the transitions going on)
-Staring off in to space/playing spider solitaire on my computer/attempting to think but having a difficult time because I feel like I'm in a daze most of the time
-Thinking about getting things done around the house, but am too tired to do much of anything (I wasn't nearly this exhausted with Jer!)
-Trying to figure out if we have any water left in the cistern and where we can find more (hooking our hose to a neighbor's pump when they're willing)
-washing diapers
-trying to figure out Jer's next health issue (first pro-longed severe diaper rash; then cold and ear ache when baby came home that he shared with everyone in the house- the cold, not the ear-ache; now a wierd skin rash on most of his body that the doctor thinks is a skin-strep infection. the strange thing is that it doesn't even bother him
-wondering why my jaws feel tight and constantly ache (since Timmy was born; I must be too tense)
-Trying not to be anxious about the future and all the changes coming up

So, I haven't put any energy into blogging. I have pics I'll need to put up, but it takes so much energy to upload them with our snail-paced internet connection...

I can't think of anything else to say, so bye for now...

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Karyn said...

Do you still have a stroller? My nephew slept in his stroller sometimes. That might be a good option for you guys. Add some blankets for padding, belt him in, and let him sleep! Hope this helps. Praying for you.