Saturday, January 16, 2010

Praying for Haiti and Organizations that are helping

I'm sure all of you have been affected by the news on the severe earthquake that our neighbor, Haiti suffered this past week. It's hard to be on the same island and feel as though we personally can do nothing, besides prayer and giving. Escuela Caribe has considered sending a group to Haiti to help out, but has decided to wait until the situation is safer for students. As the situation begins to improve, EC will consider being part of ongoing relief and reconstruction efforts. Right now authorities are requesting that extra people not come across the border, as they are having difficulties getting into the cities to help people. Please pray that the help that is ready can get through to the people that need it!

Many of you may already have contacts with people or organizations that are working to help Haiti. However, for those of you who do not, here are a few suggestions we have of organizations that are helping with the relief effort. Each of these ministries already have relationships with Haiti:

-Missionary Flights International- The same organization that brings us our mail also takes mail to Haiti and participates in disaster relief. They have been posting about their status and work here. If you desire, you can donate to their work under "disaster relief fund" here.

-Kids Alive- We have many close missionary friends that work with Kids Alive here in the D.R. Besides moving some children to their ministry sites in Northern Haiti, Kids Alive is arranging with the Dominican Government to bring some of the displaced Haitian children to their orphanages here in the D.R. If this takes place, the children could arrive as early as Monday, some to the site here in Jarabacoa.
Go here for more information.

-Finally, Compassion International also has ministries in Haiti and are contributing to the relief effort. Read more about their efforts here, and/or donate here.

Please keep these ministries in your prayers as they work to bring relief and help to the children and people of Haiti.

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