Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts from the heart

I've been busy lately. Besides doing the whole "stay-at-home mom" thing, I've been head registrar for a women's retreat that is two days away! This year, there are 107 or 108 women attending. I've enjoyed doing registration, but it's been a lot of work! I've also been spending extra time trying to keep up with the news in Haiti. It's wonderful to see all the aid that is pouring in, but saddening when I realize how huge the disaster is. While the media has stopped doing much coverage on Haiti, I continue to read about it via the links from my previous posts, or talking with missionaries around town. A few staff members from E.C. recently went to the border to deliver food and water; others took a scouting bike trip and established some contacts. Another missionary I talked with has been to Haiti to take supplies to some of the "tent cities" that have been set up. The aid continues to grow, as does the need. Here are some thoughts that I wrote in my journal a few days ago (with some editing):

"Lord, I sit here beneath my roof, inside my house, with all my needs met. Meanwhile, only a few thundered miles away, hundreds of thoursands of people are homeless; many are starving, dieing. I long to do something besides praying and giving. I want to use my hands and feet; I desire to go. But I know my place right now is here, taking care of my own family, caring for my own dear children, while close by so many thousands of children have no one to care for them. So for now I wait, and ache, and pray, and try to be patient..."

And we're still waiting. And praying. Please continue to lift up Haiti in your prayers!

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