Friday, May 13, 2011


This transition thing is just no fun. Ive meant to post. And I've wanted to post. I've needed to process, but I've unconsciously (and maybe sometimes consciously) avoided it. So here's me processing.

The things I miss most about the D.R. right now:
1) People- Missing familiar faces; missing chatting with friends
2) STABILITY- We're starting to suffer from the instability of not having our own home, a regular schedule (Daniel works random days and random hours; it could be any day of the week or any hours. But he gets to choose from what's available), and of still not knowing what the future holds.
3) The mountains, the sound of cows, waterfalls, palm trees, etc..
4) Going into town and almost always running into someone you know.
5) Spanish. Listening to it, conversing in it.
6) Less varied weather- Here it's changed 40-50 degrees within the same week. In Jarabacoa it doesn't really do that in the same year.
7) Affordable eggplant, squash, and peppers. I'm really missing the varieties of peppers. I hardly even use peppers now. Surprisingly we've found very affordable mangos lately!

Things I'm enjoying about the U.S.
1) Being around family!
2) Parks, library, shopping carts that hold multiple children (one in the front like normal, and one below in a "car"), restrooms with changing tables
3) Smooth roads, sane driving, faster travel
4) LESS MOLD! I think this is helping my health. :)
5) Dr. appointments (as in, they make appointments and it's not come in whenever and wait multiple hours).
6) Garage sales! Wahooo! I can't believe how cheap we've been able to buy things!
7) Super yummy apples and sweet potatoes.

Okay, most of that was pretty superficial, but it's good to get some of that processing out. Next time I process I'll go a little deeper.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Pués, voy a tener que hablar en español contigo!

Daniel and Teresa said...

Claro que si!