Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bat Problems

Does anyone have any suggestions about bats? When we first moved into our apartment, we had bats that would occasionally come into our house, and used our pantry as their poop place. Daniel sealed the space in between the wall and roof. For a few years we only had to deal with the annoyances of hearing the bats and having them poop on the outside of the house. But, suddenly, recently, they've decided to start pooping into our bedroom. Daniel sealed that crack last week, but then the poop appeared again yesterday- in great amounts! It's disgusting and unhealthy, especially having a baby in the house. Any suggestions? How can we get rid of the bats for good? Unfortunately, we cannot reach the bats; they're too high up, so the bat powder stuff will not work. Any I don't know of any animal control places here, in the Dominican Republic...
I would appreciate any help! Thanks. :)
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Becka said...

I have no idea at all, but will say a prayer that God will keep your bats outside. Do any of your neighbors have any advice?

Girl Gone Wild said...

Totally different ball of wax for living in the D.R. There's got to be some local stuff that they use. We had fruit bats real bad in India so we used some stuff that I couldn't pronounce in English if I tried.

MamaToo said...

My parents had bats in their home this summer... yeeks. They found a contractor who could get up on the outside of the house and find where they were entering. He also could reach the bats during the day (when they were sleeping) and get them removed.
As for getting them out, you might try playing really loud music(especially percussive - like rock). It supposedly messes with their directional senses and allows you to "steer" them out of the house. Probably best tried when somebody else can care for your baby out of the house!

On a side note, have you spoken with a doctor about rabies vaccinations? I've been told it's advised, even if you don't think you've been bitten. It's a pretty serious thing.

Best of luck, I'll pray for something to work!

Sara said...


Let me ask my Dad (he used to have to chase bats of his dorm at college!)... all I know is, you need to have them removed because bat dung left sitting (like if you have an attic) is toxic to breathe in.

In the meantime, try this: