Sunday, October 14, 2007

Introducing: A Kindergarten Teacher!

Starting tomorrow I will be teaching afternoon kindergarten at JCS at least until January. I will have Jeremiah with me for part of the time, but I have a helper, so if I need to take him to somebody if he is fussing, I can. I am excited to teach again, and a little bit nervous, since Kindergarten is a far step from 4th grade! But it will be good to work with a different age group, and get some preparation for when Jer. is that age. :)
So, sorry about the long break in blogging. Wednesday was a hard day, and then I was at school for a good deal of Thursday and Friday. And Saturday we took Jeremiah to the beach! (more on that tomorrow) I plan to continue blogging, but please forgive any delays due to teaching, especially during the first few weeks.
So, some really good news- last Friday (a week ago) was the first day we had 100% (of the hired staff) at school and not sick; though some were still recovering. Yay! Also, Daniel's finishes one of his two grad school classes next week, and then next semester he will have only 1 class, and then be done with school! :)

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Jes said...

YAY! Go teacher! Must be so nice to know you live in a country that you can bring your baby to work with you!!! how nice that must be!
Have fun with your kindergarteners!