Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet the Family

So, I'm a little late on Meet-and-Greet Monday, but yesterday was a holiday, so Daniel, Jer, and I spent the morning-lunch at church, and then had time together as a family. :)

Here's my belated post:

Over Christmas break, Jeremiah loved meeting all his relatives, so I thought I'd introduce you to some. (Note: He doesn't have any first cousins yet, so I'm referring to his "first cousins once removed" as "Great-cousins" (as one of Daniel's cousins suggested).

Here are some of the relatives (in no particular order); more to come next week.

Aunt Sara

Uncle Brent

Aunt Sa ("Say")

Great-cousin Julia and Great-aunt Sandy

Great-grandma Julie and Great-grandpa Gerig

Great-aunt Jo

Great-grandma Pete

Great-cousin Amy

Great-aunt Linda

Great-cousin Josh and Great-uncle Mike

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ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I never thought about Jeremiah having two Aunt Saras!