Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Computer help

I have a few computer related questions and I would appreciate any ideas. :)
1) The light in our laptop screen has gone out. The laptop is only 3 years old, so this is quite frustrating. Is there any way of repairing it? If not, what else can we do? If we should buy a new laptop, any ideas on an affordable laptop that will actually last? (ours is a Dell Inspiron 600m)

2) Because I'm teaching English to three boys, I joined an ESL worksheet maker site. However, I've been having problems printing the worksheets. The worksheets are too wide and long, even when I shrink them (it just shrinks the area shown, so the right side is cut off and the bottom is still on a separate page, no matter how small I make it). I tried changing lots of different settings, including suggestions from the contact person. I even tried changing it to a PDF, and it still cuts off the side and puts the bottom on a separate page. . Any ideas?

Any help is appreciated!

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Brent said...

And you don't just ask your geek brother??

Laptop light: probably the backlight inverter has gone out. Replacement is about $30.

Printing issue: Have you checked to see if possibly it's set up with an A4 page layout instead of letter size?