Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Help!

Jeremiah has figured out how to take off his diaper cover. I suppose I could use diaper pins to pin the cover on, but I'm afraid that this will affect the life of the covers. Any ideas?
Also, Jeremiah has taken a liking to throwing things...hard... all the way across the room. We've started taking putting away (for a little while) things that he throws. Is there any other way to stop this, or is this a phase that will pass?
And finally, he's really into head-butting. He even head-butts our faces. It hurts! I'm looking forward to the day when we can really communicate with him. I'm trying to teach him the sign for "hurt," but he doesn't understand it yet.

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Therapy Mom said...

I'm a hand squeezer...When RDC or CCC went through the phase (yes, its a phase, but it needs to be addressed!) I would give a firm "no throw", a hand squeeze and make the toy disappear. If he cries, ignore for a minute, then affirm him with a hug, "Mommy wants you to learn not to throw. I love you" or something like that! I felt so unprepared when we were through into the whole discipline thing! Pray about it and He will show you what's best for J.