Monday, August 25, 2008

The first week of school and a trip to Santiago

Daniel reports that the first week of school went very well. Instead of starting Monday, school started Tuesday. But this was not because of the tropical storm (which, by the way, we have another tropical depression coming near us). Due to builders still building the staircase, we had to postpone school a day. However, Daniel was very proud of the staff and please with the first week. And, we have all of our teachers! (Although one is still coming) We are very thankful as it was truly only by God's provision!
On Saturday we went to pick up the "morning PreK-2/business admin. helper" from the airport. This was our first trip to Santiago in our own vehicle (see below)! We decided to do a little shopping. I found fun things we can't buy in Jarabacoa like: whole wheat flour, whole wheat pasta, dried apples (they were cheap too; and apples here are expensive!), flax seeds, wheat bran, and tahini. Sadly, next to the tahini, the flour was the most expensive thing we bought. It's getting pricey to bake! However, the other health foods were very inexpensive, and I was so glad to find them. I know it may not seem like much, but it's hard to find those healthy foods here! How is the price of flour in the states? Is baking getting expensive there, too? I think I may "dilute" our whole wheat bread by adding oat flour (they use it here in drinks).
And I'm happy to report that Jeremiah really liked the dried apples.

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