Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random Ponderings

So, I'm trying to understand something. Jeremiah absolutely detests getting his nose suctioned. He recently had a cold and a nose so stuffy that we had to use the aspirator even thought he screamed bloody murder. I really thought I was going to scar him for life.
So why, the past few times that he's seen the aspirator on the changing table, has he grabbed it and proceeded to stick it up his nose on his own?
Strange child.


Therapy Mom said...

It what they do! Both boys have done the same thing! Must be a discovery phase they pass through...learning...hey maybe this thing isn't so terrible after all!
Praying for you guys!

Jes said...

HA! Lexi hated that too, but would stick it up her nose. Kids are so weird. :)

Sara said...

Developmentally, it has less to do with the object and more to do with the action behind its use. The fact that he picked it up and was curious shows he is not intimidated by the object itself, reflecting possible connection to use. If you have to use it again, chances are good he will not have the same reaction as before.

An example is one of my coworker's babies, who with a pen mimicked me brushing his teeth like he does with his mom at home. It's a connection to use and a normal part of learning. (and soooooo adorable).

Daniel and Teresa said...

Thanks, Sara. :) I hope he is a little less "dramatic" when we have to use it again! Grrrr... baby colds!