Monday, February 09, 2009

Potty Training, Continued

At first I tried to potty train him by letting him run around naked...But this caused a lot of extra work. I was more anxious to get him on the toilet frequently, I had to clean up several messes, I pulled up most of our carpets, and I tried to keep him off the couch. By the end of two days, I was exhausted. The cloth diapers were a pain to take off and put on at a moment's notice. So, finally, I decided that we needed to try training undies. We had three that grandparents brought us. However, I knew I'd need more than that. So, we went on a little shopping trip and bought 11 pairs of big boy undies for about the price of a good cloth training diaper. I took them home and cut up a few cloth prefold I had that were ripping to shreds and were no longer being used. I sewed up any loose ends and using one safety pin, pinned them to each pair of underwear. This didn't take much time and, Voila!I now have 11 training undies! Over the training diapers I put dappi diaper covers, as they are easy to pull on and off. So, over the weekend we stressed that if he goes pee-pee in the potty, he can wear his big-boy undies. Suddenly, he took to it. On Sunday he went 5 or 6 times. Today he's already gone several times and has been dry most of the day. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm enjoying it for now!

And his potty turns into a step stool!

Lots of stickers! (And we have a poor whale and penguin in the mountain valley on the bottom)

And for some random pictures:

He pushed the step stool over to the counter and began to each raw chopped onions.


Alisse Goldsmith said...

I am so impressed that he is potty training already, with success! I know plenty of kids much older who aren't potty trained. You are doing a great job!

Daniel and Teresa said...

Aww, thanks. I don't think I can take any credit, though. :) And he may still regress. But at least he seems to like it right now!