Thursday, December 06, 2007

Brief Peterson Update

So, here's what's been going on in our lives lately:

Baby/ Lack-of-sleep Related:
Jeremiah has been teething and has had a stuffy nose for over a month now.
Tuesday night he kept waking up and crying because of his nose. We kept putting saline in his nose and aspirating it.
At 2:30 he woke up, and I fed him, cleaned out his nose, and Daniel changed him and put him back to bed. He kept fussing. We tried putting him in the infant seat because it is more upright (we had inclined the crib mattress). He still kept fussing.
Finally at 3:30 I held him so he would fall asleep. I held him until 5:30. I didn't sleep much.
Daniel got up and took Jeremiah, and I finally slept.
Because I was tired and Jeremiah wasn't feeling very well I stayed home from school yesterday. Jeremiah needed lots of extra attention, probably due to sleepiness.
Last night his nose was much better, but he kept waking up anyway: 11 something, 12 something, and 1 something. I kept sticking the pacy in his mouth, and he would fall back asleep. So, I was able to get some sleep. Fed at 3:30, then he slept until 6 something.
Yes, this is the same child who was sleeping through the night at about 2 months...

School Related:
1 1/2 more weeks unil Christmas break! Next semester I'll be doing tutoring of some sort.
We've had some difficult situations at the school lately. Please pray for the school and for wisdom for the leaders. If you want more info on what to specifically pray for, let me know and I'll email you.

Living Related:
We've decided that we will need to change homes for next year, due to problems here. We keep trying to fix the problems, but they keep coming back. Even though the bat poop has lessened, we can still smell it in the baby room, living room, and our room. It's pretty dusty and it's hard to get rid of the dust, due to the brick walls and high ceilings. Other health concerns include ?lizard? poop in the pantry, some termite issues, and the constant smell of exhaust in the house. These things didn't bother us much before, but are bigger concerns with a baby around. And then of course, there are the things that keep breaking that we needed to repair, because the land-lord won't fix them (water pump, gate, faucet that's almost totally corroded, etc.). So, though we have enjoyed living in this home (and it does seem like home, so it will be hard to move), and are very thankful for having this place, we feel that it is time to find a place that would be better for a baby. However, this will mean a rent raise (not many places are as cheap as this), which is difficult as my paycheck is decreasing.

So, those are the things that have been going on with us lately. We continue to learn more about trusting in God with our future as he takes us through the different seasons in our lives.

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Jes said...

thanks for keeping us informed! We'll be praying.
Lexi has had some interesting nights like that lately too, it's no fun!