Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Tour of Homes

Welcome to a Dominican Christmas!

We are excited to open our home to you. The first thing you will probably notice is the heat. As you stand in front of our house, you will see our down-stairs neighbor's palm tree decorated with Christmas lights.
You may hear fireworks being set off in the distance, as this is a popular thing to do around this time of year. Open the gate, walk up the stairs, and you arrive at our little home. When you open the door, you will walk in to one large room. This room is our living room/family room/kitchen/dining room all rolled into one. We did our best to make it look Christmas-y and homey. First you see our Christmas tree (yes, it is artificial, as they do not have real ones here).

As you look around our room, we have a few shelves filled with Christmas mementos from home.
Feel free to make yourself at home, have a seat on our coach, and play with our baby (it's his first Christmas!).
We'll be watching Christmas movies soon, so stay a while! And of course, don't forget the refreshments- my yearly candy-cane cookies, and the ever popular Dominican Christmas drink- ginger tea (made from fresh ginger!).

So relax and enjoy a very different, but memorable, Christmas!

Be sure to visit other participating homes at BooMama's page.

Note: Unfortunately, we had to take down all our decorations last week, as we were flying to the States and do not want our cat to eat them all while we're gone!


Susan said...

What a sweet baby boy! We have friends who will be moving to the DR this coming year, as Baptist missionaries. I enjoyed seeing your home and how they will possibly be celebrating next Christmas!

Melissa said...

Looks like you did a great job mixing the cultures. Thanks for sharing your home with us! What a cute little guy you have!

KC said...

You have a beautiful baby there..
Love your decorations..
Merry Christmas

Nadine said...

You have a lovely home. Your baby is a real cutie pie.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Michelle said...

I used to live in the DR! Moved back here 20 years ago next summer. The outside of your house brings back many memories! Your baby is a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

aww! he seems to be getting so big! how long are you guys going to be in the States? Sopeak and I are in Wheaton until Jan. 2. we should get together for New Year's if you're available.