Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our U.S. visit/ Merry Christmas!

Visiting the States:

Sorry the posting has been non-existant lately. We have been busy during the day, and not getting much sleep at night. Besides this, we are having a great time visiting family! Jeremiah has been having fun with his grandparents, his aunts and uncle and the rest of other family. We have also had some snow fun. We cross-country skied, ice-skated, and went sledding with Jeremiah (only the sledding was with him). We've seen old friends, gone into Chicago, and even went on a date! It's been great to have Jeremiah meet family and friends. He's enjoyed it and has been flashing smiles and laughing lots.


It has been wonderful to have our first Christmas with Jeremiah. It definitely has given us a whole new view of Christmas, and a little understanding of what Mary might have felt: that, while giving birth to our Savior, she was also giving birth to a precious, fragile son; her firstborn, who was in her un-experienced care.

Jeremiah Update:

Jeremiah continues to grow bigger! He has also discovered his tongue, and enjoys sticking it out and making noises. Unfortunately, he also has not been sleeping well at night and wakes up 2-5+ times a night. This has been making it very difficult for us to feel rested.

All in all, besides the lack of sleep, we are having a good time visiting Wheaton. Here is a pic. for you to enjoy. For more, go here.

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Jes@beautyfromchaos said...

so cute! your baby is so handsome!